“It wasn’t always clear what I wanted out of life, It was just very clear what I didn’t want.” - Karen Asemper

Karen acknowledges that not enough of us achieve our dreams or create the lives we imagined;
“Stuck in a rut". What a cliché - what a truth!

How many of your people feel trapped in some way by the daily grind? Their minds restricted by shackles and constraints; mortgage, unhappy relationships, bad habits and even addiction – it can feel like a lead weight around your neck holding back the real you, the one you want to be?

Most of us cling on just to survive. What would the motivation to be who we want to be look like? What about those dreams we once had now abandoned after the roller coaster that life threw at us? Firstly I help your people to recognise that these barriers they may be hiding behind are not immovable mountains. Lying right there in amongst the darkness can truly come the most beautiful insights if only they knew how to reach and release it.

It wasn’t always clear what I wanted from my own life - I just knew what I didn’t want. Sound familiar? In my own life I dreamt of walking on the cobbles of Coronation Street, not as a tourist but as an actress. I craved a Inspirational more fulfilling life. Pushing through the most difficult of challenges, I’ve reached my goals and yes, I did make it - not just in soaps, drama and Film.

Today as a successful Motivational  Speaker and Empowerment Coach, I want to share the knowledge and skills I’ve developed to help, your colleagues or your client group to unlock their precious potential and start living the life we all thought was impossible.

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